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The Perfect Summer Pout

Every woman has a seasonal signature lip. They may know it or perhaps be unaware, but everyone has one . The bolds, the nudes, the minimalists or the ones who go bare. For me the idea of lipsticks and combination of lip products is ever appealing and I find myself flittering amongst too many things to actually call one product or a combination of products my favourite or my signature per say.

This was true  until a couple of  weeks ago, unusually I had a lot of time to get dressed to go out for the evening with my husband. I say unusually because like all women who are being accompanied by a person of the opposite gender, I too am guilty of always running late.

Having time on my hand, meant shuffling through the stash of lip products (my favourite part of putting on make-up) and I managed to layer three products that looked beautiful together and lasted a phenomenal 6 hours !! No touch ups.

Products :

Gosh Cosmetics Lipliner in 01 Nougat Crisp


MAC Kinda Sexy


Lancome Color Fever Lipgloss in 206


The Finished Lip:


This is probably the perfect pink for me, not too bold nor too insignificant and perfect for those spontaneous selfies !

What is your signature lip product/combination  this summer ?



Beauty Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

In a lot of places across the globe it is officially  spring time and people are out in the open enjoying warm sunshine , cool breezes and beautiful blooming flowers.  Meanwhile,in the Middle East , summer has  cheekily crept upon us  …… yesterday we could lounge and frolic outdoors  and today …. Kaboom !! its too humid and hot to even stand in non-airconditioned place for a few minutes !

Anyways, being someone who was born and brought up here (Dubai) I can withstand fairly warm temperatures and wont break a sweat even at 35 Degrees Celsius ! But I guess that’s just me and a lot of people get hot easily and find it difficult to deal with the immense heat especially those steamy afternoons !

Here are 5 very easy /inexpensive ways to combat the soaring temperatures ….. or atleast make them slightly more bearable.  Also these tips would work with anyone and can easily be integrated into any routine.

1) After Sun Recovery Creams/ Lotions: Now I know …. I can feel those  dubious eye-brows raising and all of that. BUT ! think about it objectively for a second, the temperatures that we in the GCC/Middle East have to bear in the hot summer months are no less than those you face on a beach holiday or those on a hot pool day. After sun creams/ lotions can help cool down the skin and that cooling sensation can help calm  that hot flustered feeling  you get after driving around in the morning/afternoon or even after a short (forced) walk.

My choice of product for this one are both from Boots Pharmacy. Simple yet effective !


Face: Facial Recovery Aftersun by No 7

Body : Soltan Aftersun Hydrating Lotion (with aloe vera)

2) Fun Ways to Increase Water In-Take: Water …. the most useful yet the most boring thing to drink. But really the only true  thirst-quencher ! Find a way to make water more “attractive” to yourself (and your family). So all these fancy flavoured waters now available in stores can easily be duplicated at home … minus the harmful “hidden” sugars. Think of your favourite flavour and replicate ! For Instance : Lemon Mint ….. Get a Jug full of chilled water and throw in some freshly chopped mint and a few slices of lemon… maybe a few slices of cucumber and Voila !

Taste Tip: If you are one with a sweet tooth try a sweeter fruit … how ever leave the fruits sliced or whole. Do NOT squeeze them into your water. Also Honey is a great natural sweetener and has many health benefits.


Image courtesy google.

3) Use a Face-mist: Now you might not have one lying around but these are very easily available at supermarkets/hypermarkets and even gas stations !. Ranging from larger bottles to small ones, this is a small treat in the hot months, especially when it comes to cooling your face. Spritz , on the go ! and let your face be cooled for a bit !

Beauty Tip : Face-mists are a great alternative to expensive Make-Up Setting sprays and Toners .


My favourites are Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray and for when my skin is feeling more  sensitive , Avene Eau Thermale  ( Thermal Water). Both work wonders ! and can be purchased from any pharmacy or supermarket.

4) Change-up your work out Routine : So the heat has accelerated the amount you sweat everyday and your body is getting dehydrated by the second ! A hot sweaty work-out will only add to this leaving you feeling dizzy and sometimes a sufficient water in-take just is NOT enough. So …. switch out your workout ! try swimming or water aerobics in an indoor/ temperature controlled pool. Even just getting in without anything fancy and stationary jogging or cycling will give great results.


5) Switch out your Shampoo: Now your scalp is one of the most sensitive area that gets exposed to the sun’s fury ( after your face of course) and in the GCC … unless you wear a Hijab, we don’t really make an effort to protect our scalp with Umbrellas/Hats. I know, Ive have this argument on several occasions with my dear mum…… I did NOT carry that darned umbrella to university ! No Sirree !

So to those stubborn ones like myself , switch to one of those refreshing/cooling formulas. Once or twice a week not only will this help leave that calming sensation behind on the scalp. But these kind of formulas are usually clarifying and will make your scalp feel new and rid of all the extra grit that accumulates from excessive sweating.

One of my personal favourites is the Palmolive “Clean and Fresh”. Enough to get the grit and oils out and yet leave your hair soft to the touch ! This budget friendly shampoo is a no-brainer. Easily available at any supermarket or pharmacy.


Until you travel to a cooler country ! Here’s hoping these tips help you beat the heat this summer !

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