Croatian Crusades : Aug’13

Had someone asked my take on Croatia earlier this year, my apt response would probably have been a shoulder shrug and a confused expression. However, 2 weeks in this beautiful ex Yugoslavian nation and I was left spell-bound.

The  5  places  that I felt made my trip  absolutely worthwhile were these :

Plitvice Lakes National Park (Zaghreb)


This breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site is an absolute feast for the eyes. The Park consists of 16 lakes and is the largest in Croatia, also one of the oldest in the region.  Situated about 2 hours away from the main town of Zaghreb ( by road) it is fairly easy to visit and not one to miss !

The Island of Hvar (Split)


For those visiting the city of Split in Croatia, a day trip to the Island of Hvar is a must. The scenic boat/yacht ride of approximately 2 hours is a fun experience all on its own. Also once you reach Hvar the  vast variety of delicious seafood available will leave you spoiled for choice. Hvar has something for everyone beaches, culture, stalls selling their famous lavender and olive oils and a lot more !

Sun Salutation And The Sea Organ (Zadar)

sea organ sun salutation

A coastal town based in the Dalmation region of Croatia, which is best known for these two novelties. The Sea Organ, which is a series of pipes fitted on the city coast and as the waves from the Adriatic Sea fill the tubes, a harmony of tunes plays across the coast a truly unusual experience. The Sun Salutation shall leave visitors even more astounded as it is a sphere of solar panels installed near the coast that absorb energy during the day and at night light up with different bursts of colors and patterns. Both of these are designed by Croatian architect Nikola Basic, and are a unique wonder.

The Island of Korcula


Off the coast of the city of Dubrovnik, lies a beautiful little island with a very rich history, with beautiful ruins and well preserved ancient architecture the Island is most fondly remembered  for being the birth place of the famous Marco Polo. ( Pictured above)

The Old Town of Dubrovnik

My favorite part of the entire trip was the old town of Dubrovnik, not something I would have ever imagined to be the way that it was, but this stunning Old town has been preserved by the city since the 1400’s. Although it is their Old town it is by far the most “happening” place in the enitre town. With all kinds of stores, eateries, coffee and gelato houses, the old town is a treat for and for all. Also what made this little town an absolute treat for me was that bits of my  favourite TV show were also shot here. Calling out to all “Game of Thrones” fans, you are most plausibly going to end up strolling around in awe of this real life set of the most amazing show ever !


All said and done a very interesting trip both educational, fun, relaxing  and full of cross country coach rides with my amazing family !



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  1. You have me convinced Abeer. Have added these 2 places to my bucket list!

  2. Croatia is on my list too! Hopefully this year 🙂

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